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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to find this page and read what I have written, I am always happy to see a new face or find a new lover of the game.


To get right into it, I have been a player of Dungeons and Dragons since 2005, GMing my first game in 2007. Since then I have adored tabletop gaming with pen and paper, moving onto digital means with Roll20 when life got in the way of face-to-face games. Moving from DnD to Pathfinder and FFD20 in recent years due to their streamlined rules and better meld with my style, along with their OGL.

As my love for the game went on I started making my own content, from items or NPCs to full-on quests and campaigns. I am mostly met with praise for what I create, with constructive criticism pushing me forward to perfect my craft, with even my players suggesting I make GMing a living at several junctures in my life. It has now gotten to a point where I feel I can create content worthy of people's time outside of my close-knit groups, but to create this content at a consistent basis I do need financial help.

What do I need?

Any donation or pledge to me will allow me to create content, while it is not vital to my creation of written work it does allow me more leeway in timing and dedication. We all need to eat and sleep, with donations you can allow me to spend more time on writing content than working on other jobs.

What do you get?

Any donation will allow you to download my entire library of written works, with higher tiers giving you HD images that could not normally go in a PDF at larger scales for use on Roll20 or to be printed out yourself. As long as you donate you will get the first notice of when a new written work is released or updated.

The amount you pledge will also give you exclusive voting power for my next written work from a list I have in the works, with higher tiers making your votes count several times. If you donate more, then you can have your own NPCs and characters enter my written works as minor, major or even returning NPCs within the stories. You can also even become a Boss or minion for the opposing teams in my modules.

What do I have for you right now?

The setting of Aeon Gaia is currently available to all Public users and Patrons, along with the first adventure "The Crimson Materia" and the second adventure "War of the Trolls" set in the FFD20 system. You may find my streams of the adventure here.

How do you know I have experience?

I have streamed my games since 2015 and you can find past broadcasts on my Twitch or Youtube channel. All the campaigns I run are created by me entirely.

How do I go about making the reward NPCs?

I have written a short template to send to me with the details I need, otherwise, we will get into contact about it. You can find the template here.
$24.95 of $100 per month
When we reach this amount I can set aside dedicated hours to working on content, as well as working on content more often.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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