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Beautiful mandala/henna style coloring page plus exclusive time lapse video of it being created.
per creation
Coloring is a form of relaxing meditation. Narah started doing henna art about a couple of decades ago as a belly dancer and has expanded that to mandalas. Enjoy the zen coloring experience as well as seeing how the whole thing was created. You will receive a digital file to print as well as an exclusive video link for the creation process. 
Creative Collectible
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per creation
  • creative collectible- item made with artistic loving care- key chain, mirror, small ornament, etc. Quantity limited. 
Self Care for Creatives video
per creation
Self care for creatives- meditation, journal exercise/prompt, information on various healing modalities such as healing crystals, flower essences, mudras, and more. Let's keep the artists in tip top shape in order to heal the world!




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I am on a mission to create more joy in the world! I believe that by first experiencing more joy ourselves that we positively affect the people around us, and then they positively affect the people around them, and so on out into the world. As Mother Theresa said, "Peace begins at home." First by doing what gives me the best, most giddy, high on life feeling (making art!), I nurture my Soul. Then, my family and friends enjoy this positivity, and even those whom I've never met can benefit because of the wonders of the internet. You can experience more joy by having the product of this work in your space, using it for daily inspiration or even meditation. You can also learn to make my style of art in the same way so that you yourself have the serotonin boosting benefits and by learning some of my self-care methods. Let's make the world a better place by healing our hearts and recognizing our Souls as beloved channels of Divinity.

It can be tough, being human. There is a lot to navigate. So, I'm ever so grateful that the style I incorporate into my work honors the textures and "imperfections" (we are actually Truly perfect) that art and life give us. This allows me to relax and see more beauty in the world. The more art I make, the more I appreciate what is loose, juicy, and vibrant because that is what I like to see on my canvas. You can have this too, and create the same inspiration for yourself and humanity. Thank you for your support of this mission and for raising the vibe!

You may have seen my work in Somerset Studio Magazine, or elsewhere throughout the inter webs. You can also check out the galleries on my website:

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