is creating Videos, 3d printing stuff, Electronics ...

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Good Samaritans Are random Good people Willing to lend a hand. 
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Settlers Are Good people Willing to lend a hand and help Build. Willing to give there Energy to some one else. ( I will Give a Gift To Settlers to say thank you For Joining)




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Hi , I'm A Gamer Mostly, But i love to think i am a Creative Person as well. Now Every one has a Sad story but i dont want to bore you with it. I 3d print stuff, I design Stuff, Program a bit, i electronic a bit, I Build Stuff, But mostly I Play games. I have a strange View on the world other than any one else i think and i would like to shear it. I am crative bit can and will get better with Help from any one willing to. I finaly have a chance to Do My thing i never could do my thing now it is just to find out what is my thing So help me.
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