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Hey what's going on guys, this is NataProblem and welcome to my Patreon page. I made this Patreon page to get closer to you guys and I can make money to buy more things I need in order to keep doing what I am doing. Since Youtube is cutting back on paying people, this gave me the opportunity to make this. So guys, would you like to help, the ones that donate will be given prizes if not, that is okay I am glad you checked out my page anyways. That means a lot to me guys. Any who if you want to see what kind of prizes I will give go to the rewards section and you shall see. If you donate in any of those, you will receive your reward. Thanks guys, have a great day. BYYYYYEEEEE! ;)
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For the people who donate a dollar, that person will receive a shout out in my next video. You will also get early access to new videos three days before released on Youtube.

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At the moment, 20.00 seems like a good start. Hopefully more people will find this and donate. It would be a really big help to me guys.
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