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I record classical and jazz guitar arrangements (some older classical songs, some arrangements and compositions of my own, some others have made public on mostly from video games and anime!  Thanks to a surprising following on YouTube I have the drive to keep making content, I love the reaction to my videos I get =)

I have an on-going Let's Play series where I play classical and jazz arrangements of pieces I find, again mostly from video games and anime.  I seem to have a gift for sight reading songs so I record myself playing them for the very first time and give my input.  I have 12 years of guitar teaching experience and I feel like this has been a way to continue that passion.

I've been playing guitar for almost 20 years and I've been musical almost my whole life, I studied music theory a lot as a teenager through personal study and formal lessons and I spent some time as a music major. I love playing, arranging, and composing music!
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My first goal!  Let's get to 150 so I can get my classical guitar fixed or replaced!  I have a right handed classical I got as a teenager and I'd love to have the surgery done to it to truly convert it to a left handed guitar!

I would love to record stuff using my classical guitar, everything has been with my steel string.  Though it's pretty, it really makes classical and jazz a lot more difficult. 
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