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About NateT_Bird

Greetings, I am NateT_Bird!

I am a solo game developer. I used to make games using Minecraft's built in programming language (command blocks). I now use Unreal Engine 4 to design indie games. I focus on making fun, high-quality games for others to enjoy. Some of my most popular Minecraft maps are: Dungeon Arena 2Crypt Crawler, and Enlarged Grass Block Survival. You can find a list of all my maps on the Minecraft forum.

What is a Minecraft map?
A Minecraft map is a custom created world within the game Minecraft. Anyone with Minecraft can play in these custom worlds. The possibilities for the worlds are endless. Some maps are cityscapes or custom terrain. Some maps are story driven adventures. Other maps use "command blocks" to change the way Minecraft is played, literally making a game inside a game.

How Patreon works:

You can choose to give me a certain amount of money each month to help me pay for expenses. Based on how much you choose to give there are a variety of rewards that you can get. The rewards are a way to get something in return for your support.

Why you should Become a Patron:

I love designing and creating fun experiences for others to enjoy. Through your support game design can become my full time job. This means I will be able to release better games more frequently. 

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