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is creating the New Illustrated Folktale Anthology
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About Nate Flamm

In a place, neither near nor far, and a time, neither now nor then...

Epic quests, powerful magic, legendary heroes. Folklore is a compilation of our most sacred narratives, reimagined, again and again.

This is…

The New Illustrated Folktale Anthology 


I'm offering exclusive access to process photos, in depth tutorials, discounts on my original artwork and prints, and a patron-only bookmark to everyone who pledges their support! 

This is a one man, creator owned endeavor, that's supported by fans like you! Thank you so much for your support - it's greatly appreciated.  


$10 of $50 per illustration
Early adopters!? Hell yeah. You guys are the best. I'll make a special video dedicated just to you :) 
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