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Hello, my name is Nathan! I am a 22 year-old musician, focusing on guitar, who lives in Eugene, Oregon! Some other combinations of words that can be said to describe me: Writer attempting to tie their meandering thoughts together, Student at University of Oregon, Queer person living outside of the gender binary, Huge Goofball. I play in the bands Girls Punch Bears (floral punk/angry indie), Kylo Ren (emotive hardcore punk/skramz), and Where Earth Meets Air (indie/folk). I also play jazz in a university combo, in combos which I cobble together when I get restaurant gigs, and solo with my guitar. I will post videos of myself playing music, as well as videos or audio recordings of groups that I perform in!

My writing is in its infancy and still finding its voice, but you can expect to see cultural commentary/art criticism, introspective reflections, and biting political polemics from time to time. I haven't decided yet where exactly the line between my political and artistic selves will be drawn. Until then, just know that my politics fall far to the left of Bernie Sanders.

My dream is to use music as a vehicle to see the world and connect with the amazing people in it.
There is a space of uncommon intimacy that music can create between perfect strangers -- it is a space of possibility, a short glimpse of a world very different than our current historical moment. This phenomenon is why I see music as a pursuit worthy of my life. I would love to tour the world performing music, and to be free of the need to seek wage labor for anything beyond the creation of art. Your support can help make this dream a reality!

If you decide to support me financially, you can expect your money to go towards:
  • Video gear, so that I can record myself with something better than a phone! (this will make me more excited about recording myself too)
  • A new guitar, pedals, etc so that my musical vision can be presented to you in the most pleasing and well-accoutered form possible!
  • All the expenses that go into eventually touring, which will allow me to spread my music and message far and wide, and go to YOUR city if you are an out-of-Eugene friend!
  • My daily expenses, when I finally move out of my parents' house!
  • Merch from bands I like, and books from authors I respect! It's important to me to be able to support others' work.

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This amount would really help me to start saving for new equipment and touring expenses! With my current income/expenses ratio, it's been pretty hard to save money so I'm kind of stuck where I'm at for now.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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