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Self-expression should be something that is accessible to all. The more we share, the more we grow stronger together. I never went to art school but, instead, found amazing mentors. I’ve been very lucky and I want to pay that forward here on Patreon. I bring an interdisciplinary approach to my artistic process. I like to take off my blinders and seek inspiration outside of my specific form and I want to pull out a universal framework from my own process for you to use in your own practice. Learn from my mistakes and successes as I work toward producing a mass trade publication from my project, One Man’s Body.

I come from a family of storytellers with deep roots in Colorado and New Mexico.I photograph the landscapes and people that have shaped my identity. My pictures question the legacies of Spanish colonialism, Catholic patriarchy, Manifest Destiny and white-supremacy as well as their impact on my family and the American southwest. The images make visual these lasting legacies in order to deconstruct dominant culture and facilitate intergenerational healing.

I’m turning to Patreon because, among other needs, the completion of this project requires significant financial resources. Whether you’re looking to learn or believe the ability to make art should be limitless, here, you can pledge as little as a dollar a month. The first $275 pledged here on Patreon will go directly toward funding the cost of the small artist studio I rent. This studio is a critical part of my process and gives me the space I need to sequence, print, edit, write, etc…

So what is Patreon? Patreon is a micro-funding platform where supporters of the arts can support artists like me. Think Kickstarter but in smaller amounts pledged monthly. In exchange, you get access to helpful tools like my behind the scenes Artist Process Archive when you pledge $5/mo. I post there on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month and the most recent 6 months of posts are always free to everyone. This archive covers the length of my project starting in early 2017. Check out the full list of rewards for more details. Just pick an amount you’d like to spend each month and in return you gain access to inspiring patron-exclusive content. You can change or cancel your support at any time, and you’ll only be charged once a month at the set amount you choose to give.

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$275/mo will cover the cost of my artist studio! This is a crucial step in 2019-2021 as I prepare my project "One Man's Body" for print shows and book publication.
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