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NativeNews is a free, not-for-profit, grassroots, news service by Native peoples, for Natives. Started by Native youth, the on-going content curation is multidisciplinary, drawing from academic and non-credentialed sources to bring the latest on political issues affecting Indian country throughout the Americas.

Our goal has been making all content accessible, and bringing current events as well as resources of all kinds, to anyone. Whether you are a student, parent, graduate student, or homeless, we aim to provide a service that is beneficial to you; to represent and inform the reviled, ignored, and silenced.

This service grew from a need to see concerted campaigns about issues affecting Indigenous peoples in the Americas and internationally that did not further marginalize intersections of the populations or prominently feature content that was voyeuristic or exploitative. 

While many of these articles, artworks, images, and documentation are freely available online, or offline, they are either to digital accessible or easily searchable in one place. Our goal is to keep our communities updated on topics relevant to their daily lives, especially but not limited to issues that directly affect them. We want to incite discussion on social media, as well as activist, academic, and educational spaces.

The traditional means dissemination has varyingly ranged between printed word and spoken word, but with the democratization of digital access, youth today have the opportunity to reclaim agency as creators and activists in ways that have been previous restricted to marginalized youth.

Much of the content we provide can be difficult to read, and of a serious nature, particularly that which confronts historical, and contemporary, violence which marginalized communities face(d) on a day-to-day basis. But our goal is to actively engage with the folks and have you become a part of not just our content curation, but active in resisting, overturning, and remembering hegemonic and normative narratives.

Patronage will provide us the opportunity to not only engage you and a wider audience offline, but the ability to provide you higher daily throughout and better, more radically curated content, which cuts to the center of issues. We focus on central issues of our time: colonialism, anti-Blackness, misogyny, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), fatphobia, transmisogyny, homophobia, environmental racism, poverty, serophobia and their intersections to name a few .

With enough support, you would helping us reporting from the ground at protests as they occur, interviewing marginalized communities and Native peoples in their daily lives and on the front-ground of defending land and water, academic functions, and facilitating activist work in face-to-face environments.

Your patronage means more access, more reporting, more curation, and the ability to do our own reporting work, without the need to reference non-marginalized/hegemonic and non-Native resources, and allocate support directly to Natives themselves like the Indian and Cowboy Media Network.

Your patronage goes directly to making new exciting projects possible across various media (text, photo, video). What sets us apart is our service: we are interactive online content, free to report, respond, and reply without being subject to respectability politics or normative and hegemonic narratives and standards. Patrons can see our work in the making: before, after, and as it happens.

Patrons of NativeNews will have a unique access to our reporting, content creation, and curation processes as they see fit, being able to request media, content, and topics in real-time at their convenience. Our research, writing process, interviews, discussions, theorization, and brainstorming will be accessible to be given feedback by you, as these projects happen.

Creator Goals will be added and enhanced as new projects emerge through discussion with our supporters. With your support we can expand our platforms and run more smoothly across social media, with improved synchronization and accessibility.

We look forward to hearing from you: not just as readers, but as our peers in a mutual goal of seeing our lives and issues being represented and given life. With your help, we will be bringing news directly from the mouths of Natives in their communities through freelance and contract writing. We #IdleNoMore. Mayaükoa wap̌a sibonrokü! 
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