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About Natty19 Podcast

Welcome to the Natty19 Podcast! Join us as we embark on an epic, ongoing adaptation of the Dungeons & Dragons' Tomb of Annihilation campaign setting featuring new material from Xanathar's Guide to Everything!

We vow to continue pouring as much effort as we possibly can into delivering quality episodes in a timely fashion. Your help would be put towards improvements in both equipment and production as well as growing our audience.
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Peek through the Keyhole
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Not only will your praise be sung to the far corners of Toril via an on-air shout out, but you will receive a Natty19 Podcast button you can proudly sport to your next RPG session!

You will also have first access to bonus content.  This includes actual play recordings such as The Sun Goes Down with a Ruby Smile, Little Town, Dark Woods, and more!

Keys to the Dungeon
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This tier opens ALL exclusive and early access content, including everything in our Peek through the Keyhole tier and our pre-Natty19 "garage days" session recordings of Out of the Abyss.

In addition, you will receive 4 hand-painted Natty19 inspiration tokens!

Wild Magic
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This tier includes everything you get with the Keys to the Dungeon, as well as a fabulous hand crocheted dragon-scale dice bag.

Additionally, submit a crit, fumble, and wild magic effect to be used on the show!

Geared for Adventure!
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In addition to the benefits of all lower tiers, this tier will outfit you with a Natty19 t-shirt every 4 months!
$29 of $250 per month
Upon reaching the $250 goal we will invest in better video production tools and software so that we can deliver a cleaner and all around more robust video experience for our BTS eps and other planned, yet to be announced, content!
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