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is creating Nature-inspired digital art
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A meditation aid digital download. Read the nature themed setting to ground yourself, calm anxiety and take a few minutes for yourself. 

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A nature inspired colouring page. You will receive a digital download file, which you can print to colour with pencils or colour it using your computer software. 

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Badger tier is a combination of hedgehog and fox tier. Ground yourself with meditation, and relax with a colouring page, based on the natural world. 




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About Natural Causes Art

I’m Kirsty, creator of Natural Causes Art! I have a partner and three boys, one of which is 5 months old. I used to work in accounts, but I wish to pursue a more creative career. I believe everyone should enjoy their job, and that the purpose of life is to find happiness and share it with others. 
I am passionate about nature, animals and plants, and its beauty inspires me in my art. 
I have always created drawings with coloured pencils, in sketchbooks, in frames and even on lining wallpaper stuck to my children’s bedroom walls. 
I have also begun teaching myself digital art. I’d like to practice this on a regular basis to help me translate my traditional art skills into digital art. 
I feel that digital art has become very popular, with its clean lines and bright colours and high definition, and is the way forward for me. 

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