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Hello, I'm Pam. I'm an aspiring writer and artist looking for a place to share my creations and dreams with the world. 
Welcome to my Patreon. I began delving into the world of content creation a year and a half ago by starting a Twitch channel. As my love for streaming grew, I wanted to find other outlets to share my non-video gaming passions as well. 

Thus, this Patreon was born to give myself a platform to share my love of the written word with others. This page is the birthplace of the fledgling novel, Nearly Necromancy, the story of a young half-demon who finds himself embroiled in the dark arts. 

In these posts you'll find chapters of Nearly Necromancy released biweekly, drawings for the web comic version of the story, character information and other random sketches, doodles, and even videos. 

Monthly goals go towards time and potential for more and increasingly better content for you. If you're interested, keep reading, there's a few posts available for everyone so you can get a feel for what to expect, but if you appreciate what you see, feel free to check out the tiers and see if there's one that suits you.

I can't express my thanks enough for you taking the time to read this! If you're not able to subscribe, be sure to check out the free previews and share with your friends if you enjoy what you see! 
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As a familiar, you have access to the full chapters of the book as they’re released as well as a thank you message, complete with haiku, every month you’re subscribed. 

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As an apprentice you have access to all Nearly Necromancy posts, including biweekly chapters and illustration progress.

You'll also receive a physical thank you card sent every month you subscribe, complete with a little doodle just for you.

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With the powers of a full Warlock, you gain access to:

Everything from the lower tiers.

Audio versions of the chapters that are not released to anyone else.

A one-time short story about a topic of your choice.

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Your power exceeds that of all other Warlocks and all gaze at you with fear and admiration. Everything is open to you now. 

Along with all from the lower tiers you gain access to:

Being written into the story with a character name of your choice.

A box of hand baked goodies mailed to you every month.

If you're seriously considering this, I don't even know what I could say besides THANK YOU!

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If this is hit, I'll release audio versions of every chapter out so far and start releasing them biweekly.
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