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is creating Art, comics, music, self help, dating advice, councling

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This is where you make an artistic request for me. All things that are a request end up here. If this is not how you use a tier please explain it to me because I am trying to figure this all 




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Hello. My name is Zero Leader. I am an artist, a musician, a singer, a story writer, and much more. I work with another group called the Numbers and have a YouTube channel and a Tumblr. What I want is to spread my creations across the internet and be noticed for them. It is a lot of work so any volunteer funding is appreciated. One thing that motivates me is request and questions. I also help with life problems and dating so there's that. Any who, hello from Zero.
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This goal may be high for a first but I need the money for stuff like animation equipment, software and other things. It would be real nice if you could help
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