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About Neighbors for More Housing Advocacy Art

Neighbors for More Neighbors is composed 100% of broke millennials. We produce art, and educate our fellow residents of our city on how to support housing projects (affordable and market-rate) in their area. We are trying to shift the local conversation on zoning to help people make connections between the housing problems we face today, and the policy holding them in place.

We've already had some local organizing victories, and helped to push the conversation about housing policy during the last mayoral election. You can support us either on Patreon, or by buying swag (mugs, totes, and more!) at our Teespring store. Kicking in a few dollars per month will help us keep us on task, buy us the necessary amounts of coffee to keep the ideas flowing, help us get our freshest works into the world for sale, and power us as we do advocacy work with our own issues locally. We have many more ideas in store (even a few beyond the scope of PSAs!) and we can't wait to get them out.

Contributing can also get you access to print-size originals for your own advocacy organization, previews of future plans, or the possibility to suggest a piece of messaging that we will produce.

Who are we? 

✨ Ryan Johnson is a freelance web developer, musician, and graphic designer. He spends his free time shilling for YIMBY issues and tweeting too much. He's the pixel pushing artistic genius of the operation, an avid destroyer of InDesign.

✨ John Edwards is the anchor and managing editor of Wedge LIVE, providing original reporting and multimedia coverage of neighborhood meetings, city hall, and the politics surrounding development in Minneapolis. John's media empire extends from Twitter to YouTube to blogspot dot com. He is the messaging guru and eagle eye editor. 

✨  And many more who kick in free time to help us out on call to action posts.
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