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About Nekohime

Hello and welcome!
I am an anime fan and Japanese fashion enthusiast. I have a published manga entitled Sora no Kirikaeru, which is a fantasy story about a young man exploring the world of magic with those closest to him. Just as the main character, Kyo, takes a journey of wonder full of community, I want to invite you all to join me on here to get a more exclusive look into my journey!

Besides working at the second largest anime convention in America, I devote all of my free time to drawing fantasy manga-style and chibi original and fan artwork. Along with sneak peaks of my manga, I post all of my free-to-use line art inks, processes and alternative or exclusive pieces on my Patreon. All of this content is regularly available for the special people that join me on here, as well as the occasional tutorial and speedpaint videos I drop on here.

Any amount of support is greatly appreciated. Whether you subscribe $1, $5 or simply follow as a free Patron, I am thankful for you all and will work hard to bring you beautiful and fantastical art and stories! PLEASE NOTE: My Patreon is on a two month cycle, meaning that all subscriptions will NOT be charged monthly but instead will be charged every other month. This is to make it easier for my Patrons and to allow me to give the proper amount of content that ya'll deserve.
Thank you~
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Wedding and honeymoon savings! I will be getting married in September with my honeymoon to be decided. Every bit will help fund the next step in my life!
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