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I make things. I pull image and ink from the base of my brain, feeling out the burrs and spores for credibility and ignition. I want you to follow me. I want you to see and know the things I bring into existence. Every eye glanced is another mind infected with my world. 

Art means little unless it is experienced. Art means little more than to bring what already exists in my mind, out. I have already experienced this, ive seen the trees and scales, the burners and barrels. I've walked along the crenelations of my towers in dreams, and i've talked with Space Mutes. To leave these worlds alone is to leave them for only myself. I share them because they are bigger than my eyes, they deserve more than just a dream or a doodle. 

My Fans mean just as much. You are the eyes that bring validity to the worlds. I have seen the crenelations, but until you walk them, they are my solemn Narnia, my alone space. I don't want to drift this world knowing only I saw the walls and the scales and the girl with the really big gun. 

So you come in at a perfect time and place. You are here, and together we make Universes. 
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A party  Join me on Twitch, where we'll spend the evening talking about art, expression, the state of the world, and snack foods. Guest artists will join me as we serenade Patrons with everything from opinions to inappropriate one liners. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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