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Hello everyone, my name is Nelson Amador and I have been a you tuber since 2008 and I'm very passionate about film making and I really love making videos. Not only do I love making videos but I'm also a really good story teller as well. When I'm not making videos I usually love to write books and I love to draw pictures. And I also love taking pictures as well.  And The reason I joined was because a friend of mine from school told me about and I recently graduated from Bellevue College this month and for me overall goal is to be the best You tuber and best film maker ever. And my biggest goal is to hopefully start my own movie studio in the Seattle area and be a movie producer and a movie director and I also love write scripts as well.     
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In this goal I hope to build on my channel and get some more equipment to take my channel to the next level. Having equipment could open the door for going to other places in the Seattle area to film more areas and also open the door for people that want join and be in my videos as well.
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