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A dollar!? Don't mind if I do! Thanks!

For the low low price of $1 a month, you get a backstage pass to tons of Patron-only art and project files! 

You also get to influence the direction of my art by participating in polls, AND you get $5 off every commission!

Spec. Ops Minor.
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Five buckaroos? Gnaaarly! Thank you very much! 

For this, you get all the benefits of the $1 tier, but instead of just $5 off every commission, you get 50% off every commission!

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 T-TEN DOLLARS!? That's pretty sweet of you, duderoni. I appreciate it.  Thank you much for your contribution.   

As a reward for this, I will follow you back on Twitter, meaning you can talk to me in my DMs! You also get one free commission every month, no matter the request! All this, plus all the rewards previously mentioned!




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Welcome to my patreon!
Hey homeslice. If you like my art and would like to keep up with it, you’ve come to the right place! Not only do my patrons get a backstage pass to nearly all my endeavors in artistry, but they also get to influence the direction of my art through polls!
If you don’t want to pledge any money, you can still request a commission by contacting me here:
[email protected]
Prices for commissions are:
$10 For each head-and-shoulders figure. (Portrait)
$30 For each half-body figure.
$50 For each full-bodied figure.
$10 Extra for a detailed background.

Prices are PER FIGURE.
Patrons get discounts!
You can request any character or person, and feel free to add notes about what you want specifically in the drawing. The prices are subject to spontaneous discount, but they will never be raised if the request is really detailed or difficult.
Now let’s say you only have $30 in your bank account. Pretty sad, BUT: If you pledged $1 each month, you could support and influence my art for 2 and a half years! Good deal, ain’t it?
0 of 50 patrons
If I reach 50 patrons, I'll open animation commissions.
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