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What happens when two odd Brits, David and Jane put their heads together?

They form NeoN. A unique community supporting open source projects. Our goal is to create a community of artists, gamers, engineers and cosplayers, like us.

Ultimately NeoN is an idea. Currently it is a series of awesome projects that will take collaborative art, cosplay, events and storytelling to exciting new levels of interactivity. The many components that make up NeoN are self-reliant while also complimenting to one another.

To begin our Patreon campaign we will be releasing an episodic novel as our first project. The story will take place in a time of transition and desperation. Set in the near future, we will follow a whole host of characters as they all deal with radical, political and technological change in their own ways..

Our vision is for NeoN to become a global brand for social change, disruptive tech and innovative creativity.

We currently rely on freelancing and short term work as our main source of income but for the past four years now, our passion has been NeoN. We are on Patreon to make NeoN a reality, on our terms! And we are hoping to bring you guys a long for the ride :)

Our unique "spokesperson" Incognito will host the Patreon campaign with weekly videos about our projects and updates, posted on Youtube and Patreon.

*The not so small print"
NeoN is all about the alternative, so we wont bombard with ads, ridiculous cliches or click bait. Instead we want to you to join our community and be rewarded for it.

Our Patrons can expect to be rewarded with weekly and monthly content and updates. We have a TON epic of ideas for future rewards that you guys can unlock as we achieve our goals. These include chapters of our novel, concept art, NeoNarrative mythos, comics, 3D printable collectibles, short stories and many other perks.

We appreciate you looking through our page. We have tried to give our Patron's the very best value for money, we genuinely want to dish out as much cool loot as we can produce. Don't forget there are many other awesome ways you can help us produce epic content. If you want to offer us feedback or want to be involved without being a patron feel free to message us and let us know what you have in mind. Of course you can also like, share, comment and subscribe through our social media too.

Best Wishes

David and Jane
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UNLOCK: Monthly Short Stories

Each month we will write a spin off or character development story from the NeoNarrative.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio release
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