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Greetings people, this is NeoGandWatch!

Just Neo for the friends, such will suffice, I'm a mexican artist who has been around on the art business for about over 10 years now and I enjoy working on the business so much.

The art I produce is and will remain free and without being blocked behind paywalls, I'll put that clear right now, but as time goes on creating this content has become a taxing effort with not much money to support myself and my family, so this is where I ask you to please consider a bit of a donation to keep the art going strong.

There would be no lower pledge to unlock art or anything like that as anything you can send would be appreciated from the bottom of my heart, such donations makes the process easier, not just to support me, but also my family on the process.

So, lets see some of the sample art i've amassed over the years, shall we?

Posters made at the time of the Smash Ballots:

Art made as an excersice on Chibi-like design.

Fake Boxart made as a proof of concept, somehow people got fooled by this in spite of me not actually attempting to fool people at all.

Pixel art made to pitch an idea of a fangame to people and to practice 8-bit pixel skills, most of the screenshots seen here were made from scratch.

Complex art made just for self amusement.

Made for the use of other people:
GameXplain's Pokemon Gold and Silver Nuzlocke

This are but a few of the samples of art i've produced over the years, with age varying wildly between each one the pieces, and i'm only getting better with time.

With your help, I can continue to produce such quality content and I'll be forever thankful of your support, be it moral or with donations, your love is what keeps me going.

Credit of each IP going to each of the respective copyright holders, I claim no ownership of the characters depicted on each of the drawings.

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