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About RAR!

In Dimension 80...On Planet 80...In the 80th Age...In the year 1980 otherwise known as "Present Day." The Battle for Maximum Radness is about to begin!

Neon Krusade is an online comic book of parody and nostalgia taking place on the world of Planet 80 where magic, science, fact, and fiction all meet in once place to make the impossible a reality. 

The Story: Before time was time there was the multiverse and at its center lies a realm where magic and science exist in perfect balance with each other. In the voids between each universe exist beings of fear and darkness obsessed with Destroying Dimension 80 and with it the multiverse. Scattered among the many universes are those with the power to stop the Forces of Fear and send them back to the voids; they are known...as the "Retrorads." 

This is the story of one such group of Retrorads. 

We hope you will stick around and begin this journey with us while enjoying the many stories and art we will regularly have available so please keep coming back. You never know what might be waiting for you. 

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