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The minimum. Gets you into the chat, and allows you to give more direct feedback of how you want my work to grow/evolve. You also get my undying gratitude! :3 
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Gets you one free commission (10-page Prose) a month, at priority over non-tier-patrons. (Can be added onto with a discount). Starting on 3rd month, NSFW prompts are negotiable at no extra cost. 
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Access to early tidbits, which may include minor spoilers to ongoing work, before anyone else. These can be excerpts of upcoming chapters and one-shots, sketches related to characters or scenes, and other supplemental materials.
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Access to some one-shots early. Starting on the second month (to prevent scammers), you will not have to pay the NSFW double-rate for any and all prompts commissioned while you're a patron. 




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About N. Zephyr

First off, thank you for stopping by, regardless of your choice today. Even just a visit here means more than I could ever say, no matter how many drafts I script~!

I have been writing prose and various other forms of fiction for over a decade. While I am working on becoming a novelist, I am also continuing to produce written work for free for you to enjoy. However, the current economy limits how much I can focus on these instead of my day job(s). Support here will help me to focus on my writing more, improving my craft and releasing works more frequently.

I strive to keep my public work from being behind a paywall. Save for anything that becomes professionally published (which would be done separately from my work shown here with you lovely patrons), everything published online will be available to you, eventually. Patrons may get access to things earlier than others, but nothing is planned to be exclusive to Patreon. 

Simply put, if you like what I do, and want to see it grow and improve and be released more frequently, consider throwing me a dollar or more, and earn my undying gratitude.

(Art Credits: Avatar by Deebs/Fini-mun)
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This is the absolute minimum I need to make a month to pay my monthly loans (school/car). If I end up moving back home, this will be the minimum I have to make to be allowed to do so.
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