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I'm Nejib "neorfx" Bahloul, I'm graphic designer since 2009, i first started to be interested by the gaming world then it help me to focus my mind into how everything was made not only in the visual but deeper, in the concept, the idea, and objective that something could represent. back in time i was 13 years old i got interested by design i tried photoshop as first software, like everyone i guess i tried many stuff at first it started with how to create a text, yeh i type "art" that what design inspired me. After few years of designing i had a lot demotivation because no matter how i tried i was still in that phase where i can't get good looking aspect of what i was making.

2015 was where everything begin, tried different stuff than banner and wallpaper, i tried doing advertisement, and it help me to understand more than just visual but idea because without it you do nothing. After many project i went on game interface and icon which is the main thing that bring me to UI design.

User interface has changed my design view where before i was just seeing art but now it's totally different art alone have no meaning for me but experience its the experience of our life, it goes trough many aspect like, life, idea, organisation, collaboration, sharing, structure, patience, failure help, motivation, team, help, love aswell and many more is all appart of experience.

Art have no specific defintion other than i think that we represent art's identy.
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