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About NerdyBear

I have a passion for videogames, maybe more than i should and i realy want to share that passion with everyone i can.i hope to make videos that i would enjoy miself.
My dream since i was a child is to make a living in some way through video games, for me this is my dream and passion.
However i don´t want to be stuck to any tipe of game and i will try any type of game, for now they will be reviews of any games i feel like playing , but i can take request eventualy.
I plan on uploading as soon as possible but for now i don´t have a schedual, maybe down the line ill be able too have one.
What is patreon?
For those who do not know, patreon is a website where you can pay your favourite content creators for their work. Think of it as if you were the boss and this would be my job. You can give me a salary of whatever amount you think i deserve and ill do the videos you hopefully love.

How does patreon work?
You can decide how much you pledge ( in my case montly). From 1 dollar to whatever you want. Depending on how much you give, youl get access to different reward tiers, that give you different prizes. Every pledge counts and ill be eternaly grateful even for the lowest amount.

What other plans do i have for the channel?
Im hoping with your support to get a capture card and inprove  my quality also to be able to create a schedual and turn this into my full time job.
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Every thophy counts and i am very grateful even for the smallest donations.
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  • Early access to my videos,when possible
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  • You can recommend a game to platinum and once in a while i will choose one at random and give you a special shout out on that video.
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  • You will be credited as a producer instead of supporter
  • When i need some advice on videos so video related things ill ask your opinions.
  • When i do a giveaway i will put you up twice so you have twice the chances of winning
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You are amazing and im incredibly grateful to you.
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Everyone starts somewhere and this would just be a motivation to work harder.
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