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I'd like to have a monthly patron stream. Answering questions. Giving opinions. More like a hangout. If it's only a few of us, maybe we use Skype or Google Hangouts. To have a full Twitch stream with nothing but my patrons having a full discussion about the newest novel, game, or movie would be unbelieveable!



About Eric Baxter

I will be striving to bring you a variety of streams all about the "nerdyish things" that catch my fancy. That might be a discussion on the latest comic book movie, or a play through of my new favorite video game. Maybe some new pen and paper RPG has me excited and I want to bring it some more attention; or maybe I just got through a really good novel and I want to show it a little love, who knows?! My interests are vast and I don't believe I could bring you a "focused" channel as some other YouTubers might... But that's okay! I want discussions in comments, subreddits and even twitter. I'm here to celebrate the things I find interesting and build them up for all to enjoy.
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I'm pretty good about streaming on a consistent basis. Generally you'll find me on from 12:30pm to 5:30pm, and often times later, in the Eastern Time Zone. Some days though, I have to take time away from other projects I do or help with to make ends meet. With this goal met though, I'll be able to ensure I can make my usual schedule and even plan more stream time. At this level, I'll also be looking to get Twitch Boost as well to help my streaming quality on top of my enhanced schedule.

Bonus Goal at this level: I'd like to start giving back when I can. From here, I'll start finding smaller Patreons that I can give around 5% of my own earnings. And, of course, as more goals are met I'll start support more and more. We're all in this together, and I'm ready to do my part.
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