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Networking Entertainment is currently in sort of a beta phase, but we hope to change that soon enough. Currently the only two members are the founding members, The Grand Author and The Royal Wordsmite. Together, we do collaborative works and individual projects you can check out on our website, but that's not what this group is about long-term. We currently lack the financial resources to do so, but when we have the sway and money to we will be launching our company with a singular purpose: to help small-name content producers connect with audiences that will love their work. Once everything is set up, the plan is simple and yet so very effective. By establishing a network of creators across all mediums and audiences, we hope to spread the word about our members' projects to everyone willing to listen, and help people's passion projects that they don't know how to market get pulled into the limelight. We're still a long way off of that goal, but hopefully sometime in the near future with your help we'll have what we need to really get this thing started and spread the word to anyone willing to listen.

Check out our website with content like Prelude To A Journey, an ongoing fantasy webcomic made by The Grand Author, several short stories available for free written by The Grand Author, a song written by The Grand Author and performed by The Royal Wordsmithe, and more by clicking THIS LINK HERE
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