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Neurobazaar is a channel that is created, produced and written by Shanny (me) and hosted by Julia Keefe.  We are both musicians - Julia is a professional jazz singer - so expect sciency music and musical science from the channel!

My journey into the world of STEM began with physics and engineering and continues to expand beyond that with Neurobazaar.  Every field of STEM has something profound to say about the world inside and outside of our minds, so let's explore, shall we?

I want this channel to be something that supports others; something that opens people’s eyes to the intellectual capacity they actually have and the opportunities they can create. Can you imagine if you watched a video when you were a teenager that made you realize you understand quantum mechanics? Or if you watched a video when you were 50 that made you realize you understood math all along?  Just sayin’…  

Please show some love and support me so I can give back!  I'm funding this project out-of-pocket (did I mention I love science?), and every dollar helps.

Thank you! <3
$19 of $500 per videos
I'm no longer investing my own money, and I'm able to officially hire my volunteers!
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