is creating gaming Videos in english and german with friends
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2$ arent the world for some people but for me it is the world! 
not because of the amount.. but because you appreciate 
what i do and you thank me for what i do with your monthly pledge!

i can't thank everyone enough for the support you
give me! 2$ is just enough to pay my bills and stuff like games
or other things like equipment for my videos! not only a single
donator but the amount of crowds of donators!

thank you very much !! stay awesome :)
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This is a MUCH more significant offering and it honestly
does not entitle you to anything you won't get for 2 dollars.

but guess what? i could buy my whole phone bill with that
amount of money!! and yes my provider is so awesome that
it gives me more than i need for only 10$ per month! :)

or other stuff like a quarter of my internet bill or equipment
to improve my video quality!




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About NeverCereal

my name is dominic and i LOVE .. L-O-V-E playing Video games ! 
started on my gameboy when i was 6 with Super Mario since now..

im in the military now and usually did play league of Legends on high diamond,
but i cant play it anymore for the next 4 months because i want to upload 
daily content which takes A LOT of time.. trust me haha.. i even got barely time
for my girlfriend (what an ass i am right?..)

I play games for a living and since it takes so much effort and time to
do great content on youtube i would appreciate your support ! 
so if you like what i do and choose to support me it would touch
my heart because i always wanted to get support/fans for what i make!
the more people love what i do the harder i'll work to let 
them stay entertained.

a friend of mine told me about Patreon and i was exited!
so i thought: "AWESOME!! LETS GET STARTED!"

SO! what games do i play? horror games are awesome and i wanna play as many of
them as i can! only good ones ofcourse.. :), & random games which look good to me
and ofcourse i'd love to see some suiggestions and check the games out!
indie games are just life you know..

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