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About New Lo Video

I'm here because I'm in love!  cameras.costumes.glitz.glam all of that but I'm in love with New London too!  Thus my urgency to find success in oft-dreary ventures hath quintupled!  So pretty please help me pour money into my craft, which is specifically aimed at promoting my community's interests.

Ragtime Slapstick Vaudeville Burlesque must return.

I live in New London, CT and what I'm trying to do is make it seem like... more stuff goes on here than actually does and perhaps... of a more fashionable nature than one might suspect... and maybe... it's just the occasional misplaced banana peel that gives this place a bad rap...

I am as much a mascot as I am videographer[/writer/director/producer/choreographer/you get it].  I wear a tail coat and a 'short mustache' and play Scott Joplin on the piano.

What does this have to do with being in love you might ask?  Tune in to the adventures of Water Tower Annie and The Wolfman of New London and there shall ye seek no further.  For though she stand not at my shoulderheight, she be in fact 10' tall and capable of fashioning her own entrance.  Or look up Jason the Terrible suffering the abuse of The Dreaded Damsel Castaway Distress and so shall you realize, "...I thought I had it bad, but it's just not that bad..."

I only have limited attention I can pay while trying to muster the $$ for showbiz bwetween flipping eggs and washing dishes.  And yes I can find the time to make videos in between, minus some measure of quantity and quality.  Honestly, though I'm an athletic young man, I need to lay around and think this stuff up.  I need to read Facebook and see what people are talking about.  Then I need to go on thrift store shopping sprees, and buy flowers for my actresses and shower them with adoration,  ere ever will I know peace.  For here I am staying up nights in fear that some shadowy figure, some latin lover may dote upon her more relentlessly than I... which sadly I must agree she is quite deserving. 

Success I measure in productivity.  So help me to show my future brides-to-be the image of a successful man.  I call upon everyone in my village and all nearby villages to bless me in this pursuit.
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These are operational costs, in order to keep a fresh supply of costumes so as to not have our performers go naked whilst catching fire or having a row in the mud.  Also provides pizza for the gang, one of the necessary ingredients for success.
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