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About New Mexico Sound

I have been producing music in New Mexico since the early 1960's.  I have a studio in Albuquerque and have produced projects for many major labels.  New Mexico Sound is my music outlet for the many styles of music from the Land of Enchantment.  Patreon is a new and wonderful way to be part of our New Mexico music adventure.  There are rewards for being involved in our community at every tier level.   Email contact, single MP3 downloads, video views, music stories, t-shirts, CD downloads, see behind the scenes and sharing ideas with me for our future projects!  Wow!
So join us on our journey into the the coming years and get treasured insights from our musical past as rewards!  Just like hunting for buried treasure:-)

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At $1000 a month I will begin a new music project with a NMS artist.  At $2000 per month is reached I will add another new artist project. At $3000 per month I will begin third music project on a New Mexico Sound artist.    
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