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For $1 a month, I will email you a jpeg of one of my original artworks, which you can use to display on your screensaver.  Just make sure you message me your email address!
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At the $2 level you will get the rewards of the Art Lover AND an illustration for you to print out and color.
Energy Healer
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At this level you will get all the previous perks AND a lesson on how to balance your energy.  Each lesson will be specific, easy and fun.  Energy healing techniques are powerful and guaranteed to bring balance to your system!



About New Earth Consciousness

I am an artist and energy healer.  My paintings are created in acrylics, spray paint, colored pencil, an chalk pastel on canvas.  I am interested in visionary imagery that illustrates the highly dynamic and multidimensional reality of nature - elevating the beauty found in natural forms such as plants, animals and human beings.  I am also a Reiki Master and have been studying Reiki since 2002.  I am also a "Master of Transformation" in Crystalline Consciousness Technique and have been studying and practicing this energy healing modality since 2005.

I live in Twisp, Washington where my work is inspired by natural surroundings and the organic goat dairy farm (Sunny Pine Farm) that I live on help run with my husband.  My art work has been displayed in Los Angeles, Tucson, Boston, Twisp, Winthrop, Chelan, Wenatchee, Moses Lake and Seattle.

My interest now is bridging together energy healing and art, aiming to bring hope, inspiration and transformation to our world.
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When I reach $4000, I will enroll in becoming a CCT teacher and start to train others in how to use CCT for transformation and healing on individual, group and planetary levels.
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