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So first thing you should understand about this project is that I've been planning it for the last 9 prison!!!!!!!!

 When I was 19 years old I went to prison for doing dumb 19 year old things. Now I've been released and man do I have some stories for you.

I've always been a very good singer and anyone who has ever heard me always says that I should be famous. My family has been in real estate and business from a young age so I understood early on that success takes more than just talent, it takes hard work and dedication. So while I was in prison that's what I did. I didn't have family support monetarily so i would wash cloths, fix F.M. radios with a candle a paperclip and some stolen soldier, and make necklaces and bracelets out of trash for people to send to there families. I would do all that in return for canteen(cookies, chips, ramen) and then trade the canteen to someone who had money on the outside to order me books. First I learned music theory. Then songwriting from the Berkley college of music. As well as music business and contracts and licensing. I've studied social media and marketing as well as HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.
I've written over 120 songs and learned how to play guitar, piano, bass, and drums. The coolest thing is when you are not a trouble maker they send you to camps with programs I chose one that had a band room on the reck field and for the last two years of my sentence I was the lead singer/guitar player for a band doing all of our own original music and now we are all free! 


So as good as all that sounds the ideas I've come up with are even cooler. A portion of the songs I've written engender an interactive following. The second video idea is as follows: 

    "The Oscilloscope " 
The scene opens with a sterile white and stainless steel environment with high windows and a severe thunderstorm raging outside. While on the inside is a cryogenics prison where inmates serve their time in homeostasis. High tech equipment surround the guards while the examination process takes place. In the distance behind the guards the inmates can be seen hanging in there homeostasis racks what I call an Occulus Reef. One of the pieces of equipment that the guards work with is an oscilloscope measuring brain waves that form the inner voice. As the scene precedes it comes time for me to have a check up/ programming update. The program that's being played into my viewer (think floating hologram) is Frankenstein. The guards notice that un like the previous inmates placed on the table I'm not wearing a standard issue cryogenic jumpsuit but old and ragged blue shorts and a tattered white t-shirt (actually worn by me in prison) this is what causes the scene to stop with me on the examination table. The sergeant's response to the bewildered looks of the officers is that I was put into cryostasis before ordinates 5102 which is my release year backwards. They hook me up to the machines and an eerie organ sound fills the room from the Frankenstein movie. A lightning bolt comes into the prison system at the same time as a ripping string slide down to a G5 power cord as the song starts my hair that was Brown is now shock white and my eyes open with piercing white light pouring out of them. The guards are incapacitated by the lighting and then after an EDM synthesized roar I walk out into the world full of new and exciting things. Once outside the weather clears and the sun appears. Walking down the street a person drops their smartphone and the newly alive, electrically charged me picks it up not knowing what to do with it. It starts being zapped by the electricity in me and flashes different things until it reaches a website called The first suggestion being eat ice cream until you puke. I look up and across the street is an ice cream parlor. After repeated trips to the window I am found on the side of the building in an ice cream stuper. I look back down at the phone and it says ride your first roller coaster. The scene flashes from phone to face and face the phone until it finally stops on my face to pan back and show that I'm now on a rollercoaster screaming as at trundles down the track until I stumble off into a room filled with different style clothing. The scene flashes through a series of fittings: cowboy hat, hip hop, no shirt and pants, preppy, shirt no pants until I'm finally find appropriate attire. Looking back at the phone newly alive tells me to perform in front of a live audience at which point the camera pans back to show the live audience flashing cameras as the song The Oscilloscope reaches its second chorus with live footage of me rockin the crowded club. The songs performance is interrupted by a police task force coming to chase down the monster and begins jamming the signal. I stare into the screen beseeching everyone to send me their ideas for experiences because I am newly alive and needing activities. The YouTube version of this video will be brought back to the live audience where the camera will frame on couples all over the club kissing and holding hands. Looking back down at the newly alive Vlog  to see "find love" followed by a map with a blinking target. Following the map until it leads me back to the cryo prison. I break in searching the female section until I find a girl in tattered clothes. I then kiss her which send electricity into her waking her up. We will then be chased by cryo prison guards until we are trapped in the processing room where it all began. Completely surrounded we will look at each other and then look at the oscilloscope. I will grab the positive lead and she will grab the negative. Slowly and dramatically we kiss and blow the place to s***. Waking up all the other inmates and making our escape in the confusion. Adding the final entry to the newly alive blog "copulate like we just figured out how."
The ultimate outcome of this is to create a production company platform where people send us ideas for must try experiences that get voted on and then done by me and my band of newly alive creatures with the people that sent the video ideas in the first place creating beautiful experiences and learning what it means to be human along the way. This will also create traffic on the YouTube channel and blog that will allow me to make advertising dollars which will allow me to give the music, videos, and experiences away. Several of my songs are based around characters that I have created specifically for newly alive. 

               I will not fail at this. I can't, my life depends on it. I have found that the best way not to do wrong is to do right all the time please help me make this what we do all the time.
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This First Goal is to help us in our struggle to make meaningful content and still be able to buy pizza! Once we reach this goal we will be able to dedicate more time to creating.
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