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About Justin

A little about Vermont Independent-Newsroom; I am an Independent blogger that has had experiences over the years with different you tube channels, and I’ve been trying to reinvent the scene and build a strong positive audience to whom I can share my views with. I began Vermont Independent-Newsroom to reach various content creators, to create a vision, take the skills and experience I have today to define a purpose in becoming an independent media producer. I am for non-profit business and I support the local community in which I have lived, worked, and played in. I also want to reach out to viewers by sharing my opinions, thoughts, point-of-views, and collaborate with many whom also like to share their opinions, thoughts, and point-of-views. I also want to give residents in Vermont a voice to be heard, we are a unique state in which can make a difference in our world.
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get higher quality camera and travel abroad across the country. 
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