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Hi there everyone.
I'm just a random girl that has been loving video games her whole life. For some time now I am working on my own games using the Wolfenstein3D engine. Most people dream about making money with their hobbies and passion, that's why i decided to give Patreon a try, who knows, maybe its gonna save me from poverty and starvation even?

Money i would receive from pledges would go entirely to support my work. Not only food to keep me running but also for all the tools i am using for my projects (silk strings, paint, crayons, silicone for models...). The more money i receive the more coffee i can buy so i can sleep less and finish stuff sooner!

Even if you can't or don't wanna support me that's ok, thank You for any interest and reading so far at all!
$0 of $5 per month
Gonna celebrate by buying myself a beer!
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