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Hey Guys,
I´m Ryan, a FUT Trader Top 100 Trader since 2014. 
Before I start, I wanna just say a huge thank you just for coming to this page, it shows you're a true supporter of the page, or you're just here by mistake, hopefully the former! :D

This is the place to go if you guys wanna get that little bit extra out of FIFA19, and to also support me, the content I produce as well as all of the trading/investing advice and tips I provide.

The entire aim of this patreon is to teach you guys the trading game on FIFA Ultimate Team, give you a great return for the monthly subscription, hopefully save you a lot money that would've been spent on FIFA Points, get you them players you've always wanted!
So have a look at this:
- $7 in FIFA Points a month maybe returns 40k a month
- $10 in Buying coins you maybe get 90k and risk  being banned
- $5 into trading advice? 1million+ a month is definitely not impossible!

Guaranteed profits, far greater returns on investment, and no risk in getting your account banned? That's why I started doing this Patreon guys! Save plenty of money, while making even greater returns!

Anyway boys, a massive thank you for coming to the page, and if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to look at my Patreon! If you do decide to buy  any of the tiers, however big or small, really helps me out and allows me to keep the awesome Trading Community going!!!

See you soon!
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