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About Nexus Raiders

Nexus Raiders is a Heroes of the Storm gaming community dedicated to creating a safe and open environment for its members to interact, learn how to play, and compete with one another to promote a positive gaming experience - regardless of skill, experience, or expertise.

We host contests, mixers, tournaments, and more to create opportunities for members to compete in friendly rivalry and enjoy the game together. By pledging, you are helping us grow this community through funding prizes, outreach, maintenance, and all the other fees needed to run an organization. Pledges also allow us to invite guests, such as celebrity commentators and podcasters (learn more @

HUGE SHOUTOUT AND THANKS to all of our patrons for supporting this community, for allowing us to grow, and for helping us create a great gaming environment for our members! You are the absolute best and Nexus Raiders wouldn't be what it is today without you!
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Thanks so much for supporting the community! Pledges go towards maintenance fees, prize pools, and supporting our stream team :D

When you become a patron, you'll gain early access to our seasonal merch so you never miss out on the good stuff! You'll also be able to share your input on future merch in the private #patron channel in our Discord server!

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We'll start a monthly raffle for our members as a thanks for feeding into the community!
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