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(Profile pic by Volt Vixen.)

I've been writing since 2005 and a little bit before that I was reading Slightly Damned by Chu and I was inspired to write webcomics of my own ideas.

In 2006, I created Cyber Spirit, a Science Fantasy/Magical Hero series about six people learning what it means to accept the past to fight for their future. It eventually expanded into the Elemental Reflections Universe with Seven Elements of Hunting an Adventure/Slice-of-Life tale in 2011, and yet another series coming soon.

In 2009, I had formed another universe with Of Sins and Virtues (Period Fiction/Psychological) and a sequel/spin-off in Danger Arcade (Modern Fantasy/Psychological).

Within 2009/10, I had also created Ripple Effect (Science Fiction/Adventure) which is getting a comic version by the lovely Volt Vixen one of these days.

And in 2014, I have begun to plan development of a dimension-hopping tile-based tactical RPG called, "Intruders: Soul Duality".

So when you support me, you're supporting all of these ideas from me and maybe even more!
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