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Thank you for your support! Your name will be added to the series descriptions of my webcomics as a small token of my appreciation. It's definitely not because I'm making a list of everyone who should be saved from an upcoming apocalypse of our own creation. Nosiree.

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This is the tier for people who want to see all of my work as soon as possible! It's definitely not because you're trying to spy on me. I'm on to you.

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EARLY EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to high-res pages of Skeletons in the Closet. READ NEW PAGES AS SOON AS THEY'RE FINISHED! 

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SPECIAL OFFER! Get a signed copy of my newest zine, ACADEMIC STATEMENT

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Sometimes if you stare into the abyss the abyss will show you all of the stuff they're still working on. That doesn't make sense really but then again you're not one to shy away from something confusing are you?

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EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to color-palette tests pages

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to thumbnail dumps

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to google doc links of scripts, notes and essays that may or may not be turned into future projects.

 EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the project files for my comic pages.  (usually Clip Studio Paint files) 

+ Everything in the $1 and $3 tiers.




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About Niah Ferlito

If you enjoy my work and you want to see more of it, you can help support me by making a one-time donation through Ko-Fi, leaving a tip on Tapas, or by pledging a monthly donation here on Patreon. If you can't support me financially right now, that's okay too. You can still help me by telling your friends and other folks about what I do, perhaps by printing out the zine version of the comic above!

By supporting me, you're helping to develop my career as an independent creator, and more importantly you'll be helping me pay off my debt to the Skeleton Mafia. Oh god no, they're here - P̥͚̘͎ͅͅͅl̖͙͔͕͚̖e͙͜a̖͍s̭̙͖̤͚ę͙̳̰ h̼̪͉̺͚̞͜e͕͖̕l͏̭̟̥̼ͅͅp̝̪͢ͅ.̴͈͚̮̼.
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Hey there's a couple people here now! Let's celebrate by doing regular Q&A's, once we reach this tier patrons can ask me any questions and post the answers to your questions with a little cartoon at the end of my comic pages.
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  • Patron Q&A's EVERY WEEK along with webcomic pages.
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