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About Nicholas

NicFlix wants to condense your online streaming services down to one with all the content you could possibly need in one place. This includes anime, movies, TV shows, and more, and if you can't find something submit a request for it to be added. Something other streaming sites can't do. Let NicFlix become your one stop shop for all of your content!

However, running a server 24/7 is expensive and I need your help to keep it running. Your money will go towards the high speed bandwidth required for streaming, hard drives so that we never run out of space, as well as any other upgrades the server may need to keep your experience uninterrupted. 

I would also like to thank everyone that has helped me so far. This wouldn't be possible if not for all the donations that allowed me to build the server in the first place. Hopefully we can now take this server to the next level.

All current users of NicFlix will need to become a patron in order to retain access to  server content. However, you may exempt yourself from the monthly charge for up to one year if you donated more than $50 prior to the implementation of Patreon.

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