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I'm building a late life career as a writer and audiobook narrator. A senior with a limited budget I need support to finance marketing and distribution to spread the word about the creative process and its importance to our life in an increasingly dangerous world. I love to read, write and narrate I'd like to encourage others to do the same. I'm always happy to share my experiences and educate people on the process, I find that life is a journey not a destination,  join me on mine! Thank You
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I'm producing a show on WCTV-14 in Weathersfield CT. It's an on-air book club: COVER To COVER hosted by Nick Hahn. Each patron at the $1. level will receive an advance video of the show and be invited in to the member's group page on Facebook for information, author interviews, reading lists, upcoming events etc.
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I've lived and worked in the 3rd World for over 15 years including Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Montenegro, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. I'd like to re-vist these places and promote the creative process. People suffering from human rights abuses need hope, we in the West can bring it to them. My plan is to visit refugee camps and conduct story hours for the children and set up reading clubs for the adults.  
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