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A Guy with a knife
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You might look weak, but if you know how to use a knife, you are strong.
An Armored Guy with a knife
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You are fully equipped, that means you can beat some guys who doesn't likes you!
A Guy with a sword
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I don't know where did you get 10$ and a sword, but those are defintely are not from me.




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About Nick Sultan Mapping

Welcome to the Patreon Page of Nick Sultan Mapping! I'm happy that you visited this place! I rarely post here anything, but if you are at my discord server, I try to be active there!

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Discord: Nick Sultan Mapping#6752
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I'm running low on vodka, plus i need to have a better microphone, but if i reach this current goal, I will post a video on Youtube that we reached 60$ on Patreon!
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