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About Nick Wolf

What Am I Creating?

The big question on the table might be what am I creating exactly that would warrant a Patreon? Well specifically speaking on my channel I am creating Movie Reviews, Commentaries, and producing Live Streams via Mixer. In the broader grand scheme of it all however, I'm looking to create comedic conversations that pertain to Film and Video Games. As a Film student and Video Game aficionado, those two things are big in my life. 

Why Should I Become A Patron?

The great thing about Patreon is it allows me to be funded by YOU the community while also spoiling you with extra goodies. Do you have to be a Patron? Not at all. I'll still work my ass off to create the best content for you because you deserve nothing less. If you want to help contribute to the creation of MORE content and be rewarded in the process, Patreon is here for you. Patreon will also help me financially with being able to produce bigger and better projects such as Podcasts, Shorts, and Vlogs.

Bottom Line

No matter what you donate, no matter the amount, I appreciate you each individually and your interest in the content I produce. I will always strive to make comedic content that I am proud of that I know you will enjoy. Sometimes I'll go out on a limb and try something new and if it fails, you Patrons will be the first to see. Help fund an artist trying to be heard amidst the constant noise of the world.
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Commentary Tracks

If we reach this goal I'll produce commentary tracks for awful films and good films alike for you to listen along to and laugh.
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