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About Nick Bleeker


If you’re new to this, you’ve stumbled across it, or you just want to know a bit more about me. I am Nick Bleeker. I usually go by Nick John Bleeker because my mum and dad led me to believe my legal name was that but it's not; it's just Nick Bleeker. I’m a film guy, podcast host, netball and basketball tragic. Seriously, don't start me on those topics or I'll talk to you until you turn into that guy who gets melted by the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones. 

But you're here to support me, right? Here's what I currently do and what you'll GET:

I have been writing and making video for ten (WHOA) years, and I have been podcasting (hosting and producing) for more than five years with The Definitely Not Popcorn Podcast. I produce and host a few other shows every single week/fortnight/month: The Goal CircleWhat The Hell Is This Show? and Listen Up, Idiots and another super exciting one in 2019 called RED CAP, which this Patreon will be supporting and getting EXCLUSIVE updates and insights into the production as well as early access to every episode and BTS video we make for the show. 

"WHOA, that's amazing, but what else is there for me to get from you?" HA HAAAA, great question. Well, you'll get week-early access to The Goal Circle GUEST EPISODES as well as special monthly bonus episodes only found on Patreon, and, last but not least, access to my VLOG which I'll be doing fortnightly.

So, go and have a squiz at the reward and tier options and if you wanna throw support my way, I'll love you forever. PLUS, you'll get to see me dance poorly as a thank you. 

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