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Hello everyone and welcome to the official patreon of NickelGaming, Go ahead and donate to keep the army running nice and strong. And to ensure our victory over any foe, official link to the channel here:
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Help out with my vids
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Personal invite to my discord channel
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Instant moderator on my discord server.
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Private Game Session
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I can play a game with you privately (depends if i have it)
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Congrats! you're now admin on my discord have fun :) also you get a private voice chat room!
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Private Livestream
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Join me for a bi-monthly livestream with friends
  • Bi-Monthly livestream
  • Be in videos before i make them!
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  • Bring one friend 
Custom Discord Role
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You can get this i guess, just to have to know its going towards a new tower and Doritos, i'll give you a signed poster <3
Make me Quit
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Do it, ain't got no balls
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Help me get a new tower so i can push out high quality content for everybody.
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