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About Nickromancer

23 || He/they || Artist || Tired™

Hello everyone! I'm Nikku. I draw, make music, sew, craft and more! I basically live and breathe creative content. This page will be mostly dedicated to my digital art, but I'll also be posting music and other things that I work on.

You might be wondering, what am I paying for? What do I get?

My food! I found out a few months ago I'm allergic to gluten and it's really expensive to eat gluten free.
My medication. I'm chronically ill and on a lot of medication*
Helping me save up to fix my jank tooth that needs a crown
Helping me save up to finally move out!
General things like car payments, gas, and the like. 

 As for what you can earn for pledging, here's a short list!

Access to WIPs, sketches, and more!
Early access to most of my stuff.
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Here's where you can find all my other stuff on the internet!
Personal Tumblr ||  Waterfall blog ||  Newgrounds ||  Twitter ||  Soundcloud

*To be 100% transparent on what my meds are for... I have bipolar, anxiety, asthma, IBS, eczema and chronic pain, so I have to take bipolar medicine, allergy/asthma meds and a daily inhaler, anxiety meds, vitamins for my IBS and pain, and then I have ointments/cream for my pain and eczema.
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