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Hello, everyone! My name is Nikolai Nikolov from Varna, Bulgaria and i'm writing short stories, novels and light novels. I have been writing for almost 8 years now (2017) and i'll present you the novels and the short stories which i had written and the short stories and the novels i'm currently writing. Currently i'm working on a fictional world, which i had created, the world of Aell Sweithe, in which most of my stories and novels are gonna take place. It is a place very familiar to our own world, but in the same time so much different! Inhabited by humans, elfs, orcs, dwarves, dragons, vampires and many many other mythological creatures, i invite you to explore it together with me! In the future, i have plans to create some art of this world, of his heroes, to create maps, clothes and cosplay and even maybe some experiments with the weapons from the world of Aell Sweithe! Also, i have so many many many more ideas, which i hope i can realize with your help! Enjoy reading!

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