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Not so long ago I was running a small sanctuary for injured and abandoned animals in the foothills of Southern Spain, I wrote a weekly pet column for the paper and mostly survived through this and my dog behaviour consultations. Then a gang of Neanderthals came my way and my life was changed forever! The first of two books about my experiences at their hands. The strangest of experiences happened when I was in danger, some strange kind of premonitions or warnings and I felt I also needed to understand and write about these fully as I too tried to make sense of everything. What happened changed me forever. We need to rebuild our life and find a new home now so I hope you will join me on the journey of all of the struggles I tried to overcome as these people began bullying and stealing from me, the strange 'occurrances' and premonitions that kept me safe and after I was finally forced to get other people to take in many of the animals I had saved and flee everything I knew, how their behaviour led me to research who they were and discover how that very first premonition that started much of the trouble was correct. After I escaped It took a long time to recover, to try to piece my life ack together, I suffered with PTSD, insomnia and agrophobia and wanted nothing much to do with humans after all they put me through. Finally thankful to get my own dogs back I started to try to rebuild some kind of life. I started writing the book as a cathartic process having found counselling &  therapy from government bodies and psychologists to be very poor and a waste of time to do nothing more than upset me time and time again eventually I decided the most cathartic thing may be to sit and write about what happened. This has taken some time even though the whole experience happened over 3 months it actually took a long time to recover and to be able to write the most harrowing chapters, without tears streaming down my face in order to finish the story of all the chaos that destroyed my life but led me to discovering their true nature's and what they did and the police corruption that was rife. Initially I wrote it as my story but have decided to change all names and rewrote it in third person for obvious reasons! This too has taken time but finally I am nearly ready and am currently editing the 193,233 words  (will be 2books part 1& 2)  which I have written and hope you will take part in my journey of getting my books, edited and ready to be published! Most likely I will start this through Amazon self publishing as at the moment I haven't time to pitch and wait for an agent or publisher 3-6 month response. Although I can no longer go out much nor do my dog job I have just started a new dog blog and hope one day will finish the dog book I started on raising safe puppies and dealing with and preventing dog aggression, and I have some ideas for books for kids about dogs too. I also have written a lot an unexpressed literary opinions on the state of The UK, failing services and governments contribution to increasing everyday issues such as poverty homelessness and crime with their ludicrous policies, I am an avid campaigner for wildlife and animal welfare issues too.
Until recently I was sharing a house with an ex dog behaviour client from Spain who turned out to be another fraudster she had offered me respite from their campaign of terror initially but after a police raid at the house and some research on the internet discovered she was wanted on a massive fraud in Spain, and had an extradition warrant - so there will most likely be a follow up story to these two - little did I know her family had connections with the gang from Spain and she broke three computers before I realised she was trying to stop me writing the books! So much has happened and I have just come out of the hospital so I am working my hardest on editing and filling in the gaps where I could not write, as I recalled the worst horrors of what happened in Spain - now I am ready to share my writing and my life story with the world and to rebuild my life and I really would appreciate your help. I hope to post at least one chapter a week - in all likelihood more as I endevour to bring this first of two books to publication. I have been considering the title, yes even I thought perhaps I should call these books me and my crazy life at one point but perhaps we could have a vote on a book title of other ideas I am considering. I would also appreciate your comments on chapters as I publish and perhaps reward ideas you may like too. Although I do not do so many dog behaviour consultations so much now I am happy to give advice on any dog problems any patreons may be having as a reward as well as offer other small poems or writing I have done, send postcards, signed books etc once I am happy the editing and book is ready for publication day! We are currently staying with friends hidden away from society for now but eventually need to rebuild my income and my life and hopefully another sanctuary, I have been helping some local wildlife in the area and can happily send photos of many of the animals we helped too - but eventually we need a safe secure home of our own too! So I thank you for joining me in this journey of recovery and my first book - I hope you will find it an enthralling story, there are some sad bits and some courageous bits too, but as you help with shaping the chapters of my book for publication you will also be helping me to get back on my feet too. Thank you.
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My first goal is to get the book edited and in shape for publishing! We need a home and I need time to write so main goal is to earn enough to do this before we can start helping more animals again! 
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