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About Nicole Hartley Bradford

I’m honoured you’ve come to check out this page.

I’m deeply enthusiastic and devoted to providing what inspiration, connection and empowerment I can to help YOU BE and BRING the change you think the world needs in these challenging times.

I’m grateful for this online platform. Thank you thank you 🥰🙏 to my Patrons who support my work here, and to everyone who engages with me in the practices and spaces, living their own personal, ever more powerful iterations of Project SaLV’age.  


I am profoundly grateful for other projects like these expedite our abilities, and make it possible for us to carve out spaces for lived love, sanity and true interdependency. I believe that as we share our most intimate stories and most powerful tools we are ever more empowered to more expediently realize these vital spaces. 


I am deeply honoured to get to be part of a global network of people working to establish and perpetuate inner reworded, sacred spaces and shared living and action collectives. 

People learning to ever more effectively relate authentically with the children, to heal as grown-ups so we can be ever more effective and satisfied in any given moment, to justly honour and become elders, wise and alive despite... in truth...because of... our years of opening and vulnerability to life's truths...and to be stewards of the Earth, no matter what befalls Her...and us.

We deepen in every day to contribute to the greater work of being truly present here, and not allowing hope or hopelessness to deter the work of radically authentic and bold living, as who we are.

By many wise and carefully considered accounts, circumstances are dire. We may well have passed many ... even THE most crucial tipping point... without clearly noticing.

It takes immense bravery to seek and face the truth and achieve clarity, in this regard.

And great grief is inevitable. Ans is as relevant as, in fact in ways makes possible... great love... for life ...all lives... on this extraordinary planet. 

Not only do we have magnificent incentive to learn how to apply all the best intra and inter personal skills, but also we can work together powerfully to do the things with the best chance of establishing an optimal state of departure for each of us...whether it comes at an individual point of death...or a collective one.

Through this bigger, interconnected effort, of which Project SaLV'age is but a part, we are ever more inspired and empowered to:

- each become ever more authentically who and what we are;

- hold fast to our visions of the safe, sound villages of our wildest dreams, on a rewarded Earth, and our places in them;

- ever more clearly validate our inner authority, sovereignty, which informs us of our basic needs, eternal values and in-the-moment longings and desires;

- even more fearlessly, clearly, and effectively communicate all of the above; as well as articulating whatever requests and invitations we have for others as we collaborate to see to the moment at hand; 

- effectively engage with others in the activities that meet those needs;

- raise the stakes, in order to increase impact, vitality, with the compassion and wisdom required to activate the most beneficial ripple effects;

- learn to rest and reflect ever more deeply, because we must; applying powerful feedback processes, so that we can maintain deeply sound inner presence and achieve our highest and most productive potential.

And if we do happen to all through – and even if we don’t – we can live and die in this great peace, filled with and surrounded by love and satisfaction that our efforts were on track...and surrounded by the people with whom we are passionately, deeply connected, with whom we find fulfillment, satisfaction and success... just from relating and creating with them. 

Follow me, here, as I share stories, insights, and celebrations, as well as tools, exercises, and invitations to inform you, empower you and grow your confidence, as you grow your inner and outer haven. 

Meet with me in person or through phone or digital lines, attend in-person sessions and spin-off activities in Calgary and/or Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can also liase with me to set up your own local Project SaLV’age personally and in groups – wherever you are. 

All I ask in return is that you consider my Wish List, which always includes the option of becoming a Patron, and helping me find more patrons, here. 

For as little as a buck or five a month, or as much as you choose, every dollar empowers me to further develop and share everything I share here. 

Thank you for your attention and consideration, and for all you are already being and doing toward securing a beautiful present, inspired by a future we may never see.

$213 of $5,000 per month
My shoot-for-the-moon monthly income goal is $5000.

$1046 monthly covers my basic living costs. 

How that is so low...

1. I share living space with 3 others; I serve as the house admin person, 

2. we keep costs down by coordinating in lots of different ways. Keep an eye out for posts about shared living and community houses, which can serve as microcosm experiments in eco-haven life

3. I hardly ever buy new, hardly ever use artificial grooming or cleaning products, and I use Wish Lists and gift exchange extensively to fill many of my needs. Keep an eye out for more posts about how I keep my cost-of-living low while living in rich abundance. 

Income above my basic needs will go toward:

~ acquiring tools and resources with which I can create further tools and resources that benefit the recipients of Project SaLV’age 

My current Wish List:
~ a Mac laptop
~ a reliable vehicle (mine needs some repairs)
~ local/farmer-grown food to enjoy and share
~ cohorts to create gatherings where effective healing, building and collaborative experiences occur
~ accounting help

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