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Hey my dear friend Welcome to the fun!

1. Receive a follow back on all social medias

2. Personal thank you photo and message for the contribution. 

3. Exclusive sneak peek of the reaction before upload!!

Dream Fellows
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Here gets more real!

1.  Full access to all exclusive content that i post on Patreon! (vlogs,   early access to special videos,  photos, and much more)

2.  Personal thank you video for the contribution!

3.  The benefits of the previous tiers (of course because you deserve it <3)

Mayday Soldiers
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Wow thank u for being here!

Ok you got here! so you get to choose an OFFICIAL YouTube NietgiRotaku kpop video reaction every month!! AND you'll be credited in it for everyone to see on my channel! 

Obviously you will have the benefits of the previous levels (Duh!, because you rock!! <3)




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안녕하세요, こんにちは, Hello and Welcome everybody!!! First let me thank u for being here and reading this xd

Here we can talk more openly about kpop and you can support me as well to continue making videos, For me it is a pleasure to make videos for those who enjoy them, but I often stop doing them for a while due to problems with my equipment and situations that prevent me from improving my videos.

Sharing something that I like with others was what made me start making Youtube videos so I want to continue doing them and do much more so you can have fun and share with me too!

I want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate if you want to support me and join this wonderful journey that I wish to undertake together with you. Love u all welcome to the Rotaku patreon family!
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I Will give a special shout out to all the first 10 of my patrons in the beginning of a video
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